Of horrors and minimalists.

Hey y'all...
How you dooowiiing?  hah
I know it's been long since I last posted but I got an 8-5 job so I haven't had time to do a shoot or write a post and to make matters worse my weekends tend to be booked up and/or I just get too lazy and sleep all day. But I've been kinda active on my Instagram (my handle: @justmuthoni) so I guess I haven't been MIA saaaana (thaaaat much).
So today my schedule was free kidogo and that meant staying in bed all day watching 'horror movies' *insert girlish shriek*. Yes I'm a big horror movie fan, I think I've watched most horror movies that have been uploaded to the internet, yes I'm a weirdo loner. Why??? You might wonder, be sure to ask me the next time you see me cos ain't nobody got time to read a four page essay of why i prefer them to all other movie genres.
PS: Did you see what they did to Glenn in TWD? Tsk my complaints and laments are on one of my ig posts
So today/yesterday is/was Halloween and I just had a thought, what if Kenyans took Halloween celebrations as seriously as the West does, dressing up, trick or treating door to door and I just pictured a Kenyan mother opening the door to children dressed up as ghosts, zombies and monsters yelling trick or treat to her... If the mother doesn't have a heart attack and/or pass out, the beating they would receive followed by a two hour church sermon about how the youth/kids of today will go to hell. haha. Well I guess it  would be a plus, you're children will experience a "much" deserved fright as the holiday intends as well as learn a thing or two about Jesus by the end of the night and that is an awesome way to spend halloween. Right???
So as you celebrate Halloween wherever you are, pray for us Kenyans to be tolerant of cheap thrills  such as trick or treating and dressing up.To my fellow Kenyans who don't even care/ know about Halloween happy end month.
Today's look as the title says is a minimalist style: an off shoulder top, taupe pants and black peep-toe booties. As simple as that, this look can be worn to the office (which I've been doing a lot), to a girls night out if you're not one for skimpy outfits.
Have yourself a good rest of the month and happy new month if you'll read this in November.

                                                                  Outfit Details.
                                                         Off Shoulder top............. thrift
                                                         Taupe pants.................... thrift
                                                         Bag.................................. PV
                                                         Shoes............................... Gifted
Until next time,

Just Muthoni.

Cute sneezes and Slip dresses.

hey hey hey
I know its been like 10 years since I last posted but I'm finally back. "What's your excuse this time?" weeeeell school of course, had exams and the lecturers didn't think those were enough sooooo assignments were assigned and I clearly needed a break cos y'know Muthoni's gotta be an independent career woman. Thank God I'm on holiday now. Woop woop.
So I got a cold again and if you've read my previous post you know how paranoid I get when I'm sick, *cries frantically*. Well this time my cold is not as bad as the other but I've been sneezing like a goat (yes, a goat) all over the house and my mum is this . . close to calling a vet on me.
You know those sneezes that could literally turn the leaning tower of Pisa to the fallen tower of Pisa (like new tourist attraction *click* *click*) weeell when I'm in public or rather in the same vicinity as a potential crush, my goat sneezes miraculously disappear and cute little church mouse sneezes are unleashed, I guess the environment matters, thank you guardian angels. So remember my goat sneezes when you're down or when you have a bad day, just picture me sitting all cutesy eyeing a cute guy across the room and my face slowly getting ready for a goat sneeze aaannndd the rest is history.
Pray for me too, its an epidemic. Could be contagious, I don't know. ;)
So today's main fit focus is the slip dress. Been loving these since my cousin, shout out to Diana, disclosed them to me. Yes , I never knew you could actually style sleeping clothes and look mucho caliente (probably the only Spanish sentence/words I know). So yes I was shady before, I actually thought it was preposterous, unthinkable, ridiculous and all their synonyms. But when in doubt, Pinterest it (doesn't rhyme but what the heck!). So pinterest changed my perception completely *breaks into song* "a whole new woooorld, a new fantastic point of view" and was able to style this emerald green slip dress with a baby pink straight skirt, black pumps and clutch. Enjoy.
PS: No goats or leaning towers were harmed (physically and/or emotionally) during the making of this post.

until next time

Just Muthoni.

Dashiki, Dashiki

Hey y'all happy new month!!  Woop Woop! But damn these months are flying just the other day we were talking about breaking resolutions and now we're past the second half of the year?  Where did the time go? All in all hope your months were good
Just the other day I was on Facebook and I came across a user name that was rather weird,  you know those badgyalfishandchips kinda names??? Don't act like you don't know them... We all went through that phase,  you know you did? It made me remember my high school days when Facebook was the king/queen of social media and you had to (yes had) have an account and a cool name. I remember the day I opened my account or rather my mother opened my account (those days you couldn't just open an account using your smartphone,  struggles!!) for me. After my account was set up now came came the hard part, thinking of a really cool (yes I thought it was cool) user name. I remember how hard this was you'd think I was sitting for an exam trying to cook up an answer which was probably wrong. I was with a friend at the time and she too was in the same predicament, it was torture I tell you. Theeeen I decided to come up with a name combining names of my favorite singers which was Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka(I used the name of one of his albums at the time) and so I'll leave you with that to process. You thought I would ctually tell you my very embarrassing user name haha, some other day perhaps, but not today, not today. Muhahahaha.
On to the main agenda of the day, today's post is this awesome Dashiki suit from  CoutureNala best place to get everything Dashiki, custom made to your liking. Visit their page on Instagram here to see more of their awesome designs and perhaps order yours too. I love this suit to the moon and back, one you can wear it anywhere to work, to a dinner, to the club, to a wedding literally anywhere, second, you can pair it with any shoes from brogues (my loves) to kitten pumps, to platform heels whatever style of shoe that suits you. In my look I've paired it with kitten pumps, an envelope bag and a large coat, cos you know how Nairobi weather is lately. If you love the look don't hesitate to contact CoutureNala at +254701017136 or +254702633309. Follow their Facebook and Instagram
Hope you enjoyed today's post and if you had a weird username as I did, let us wallow in our shame. Cheers.

Until next time,

Just Muthoni.

My perfect Guacamole.

Hey y'all? Hope your June is coming along well? Mine seems to be a trial month. Trying new things and all like this Foodie section on the blog. Uber excited. Hope you're also taking such awesome leaps in your lives.
Do you love avocado as much as I do? If you know me well you know how much I love anything avocado affiliated. From Githeri with avocado to ugali, sukuma with avocado to any other type of food with avocado, well I'll be damned if I have avocado with dessert, yes I have a problem. God is awesome for blessing us with such an amazing fruit, *insert heavenly music*. Avocado errrday.
These avocado ramblings remind me of high school where avocado was like a form of currency (barter trade at its highest), I'm not even joking if you had a bag of avocados you were like the Bill Gates of school. Avocado talks, like money talks hahaha no? And if you're wondering where we used to get these avocados, we had a couple avocado trees in school (I think avocado trees were a necessity in most schools, most of my friends had such trees). But they didn't bare that much fruit sooo it was survival of the fittest. Leaving class early to go throw stones at trees *sigh*. Good old days.
 So today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite avocado dishes, guacamole *slurp*. I looove guac. I bet you do too. Its stress free and easy to make, 10 minutes tops. You can accompany it with anything tortillas, chapati (my fave), fries, you can even make a guac and cheese sandwich (I'm I the only salivating now??)
All you need is an avocado or two depending on the size (ensure its not over ripe or green/unripe),one red onion, one clove of garlic, a tomato, coriander/ cilantro/ dhania, dhana jeeru or cumin (whichever spice you prefer), pilipili, I prefer using the powder, salt and pepper. And a lemon which is optional but highly recommended.
Peel, pit and mash the avocado(s) in a bowl using a fork. Chop the veggies into small pieces add them to the mashed avocado and mix them all up using a spoon/ spatula. Add the spices to your liking add the juice of half a lemon. Chill for a while in the fridge. Serve with whatever you like. I used chapati. Yum.

Arrange your ingredients. Not necessarily like this lol. 

Peel and pit your avocados in a clean bowl.
Mash the avocados into a puree using a fork

chop your onions, garlic and tomatoes. Also squeeze half a lemon into a bowl

Add your chopped items into the avocado puree prepared
Mix them in thoroughly and add in the spices

Lastly add the lemon juice, taste and adjust the bitterness to your liking. chill in the fridge for a while.
For the chapos, cut them into small sizes.

Place them in a sandwich maker until they are crunchy. You can also buy ready-toasted chapati in the supermarket(yes you can).
Serve everything whichever way you'd like and remember presentation is key.
Here's a more detailed recipe.
My Recipe                                                                                                                                Serves:4.
You'll need;

1 large avocado or 2 medium sized avocados
1 red onion
1 tomato
 A bunch of dhania (optional)
Pilipili (chilli)
A clove of garlic
Juice of half a lemon
Dhana Jeeru or Cumin
4 chapatis

  1.  Cut the chapatis into small pieces and toast them on a sandwich maker/ panini press or on a pan for 5 minutes or until they are brittle.
  2. In a big bowl, Mash the avocado using a fork until it is a smooth paste like consistency.
  3. Chop the onion, garlic, dhania and tomato into tiny cubes. Add them to the pureed avocado, mix them thoroughly.
  4. Add the spices and the juice of the lemon. Taste to see if all the flavors are balanced.
  5. Chill in the fridge for a while.
  6. Serve with the toasted chapatis.  
Hope you've enjoyed my first edition of Foodie and be sure to see more posts like this because food is bae.

Until next time,

Just Muthoni. 

The Red Sweater?

Heeey y'all?
Happy new month and Happy Madaraka day to my fellow Kenyans. There's nothing better than a public holiday falling mid week, its like life is finally on your side saying "just this once I'll shorten your school/work days, so be more productive" and I'm here like yaaaaaaasssss totally sleeping in and binge watching Supernatural. No? Let's build our country, yaaay. Buuuut remember to stay safe today, thank God for Kenya's Independence and pray for her(Kenya) as well. You surely know we need all the prayers we can get. God bless Kenya (fist pump the air!!)

BTW I'm I the only one who gets completely hooked/addicted to games? You breath,eat and sleep it? (well not literally). Some will refuse, esp guys, when it comes to FIFA, total defense mode occurs once you mention addiction (experienced it first hand). but yeah, have you ever? I'm actually going through such a phase right now and you wouldn't guess which game I'm talking about.Although I don't know if you could it a game, you tell me. Buuut the "game" is Crossword puzzles. Yes laugh/scoff all you want,we've already established I'm weird.
I've always been a fan but sometime last week I was in an office reception waiting and there were old newspapers sitting there, mocking me, so I took one and began filling up the crossword puzzle section, I think it awoke sth within me and I've probably filled more than 100 crossword puzzles and its been only a week (I found a website with 40K puzzles and that was the end of me). Is there a rehab for these kind of things like an Alcoholic Anonymous for Crossword puzzles addicts? Help me!!
The plus side is that now I have expanded my vocab. Yaay I guess?

Onto thee outfit; In addition to my red coat, I got this long red sleeveless sweater with black details (I should totally take my thrift dealer out for lunch for these amazing pieces)  need I say more of how much I love it? I don't think so, It speaks for itself. I wore it with a lacy top with black straight pants and red platform ankle boot heels (not so hell). Plated two messy messy cornrows and did a red sorta ombre lips (I should get me a glam team. Tsk).
Hope you enjoy this look and have yourselves a happy new month.



                                                                      OUTFIT DETAILS.
                                                              Red sweater.................. thrift
                                                              Black pants.................. WBC
                                                              Lace top........................ thrift

                                                              Red Platform heels....... Toi Market
                                                              Envelope bag................ BS
                                                              Lipstick......................... Signature NO. 109+
                                                                                                          black mac lip liner 

PS; This shoot was done later in the afternoon, so my face looks weird due to the flash.

Until Next Time,

Just Muthoni.

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